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About Us

‘Cloud9 Student Aid’ is a proven source to consolidate your student loans in a trustworthy, fast and friendly way. Founded by a team of financial service veterans, Cloud9 Student Aid was launched with the sole focus of helping Americans ease the pain caused by heavy student loan payments.

Are you feeling burdened by your huge student loan obligations? Do you find your immediate future clouded by monthly payments you can’t afford? Are you being forced to second guess your financial goals? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone. People from all across the country use student loans to fund their continued education, and pursue their life goals and dreams.

The solution to your financial problems may be Student Loan Consolidation. Cloud9 Student Aid offers customized, federally backed programs to ease the burden caused by high monthly student loan payments.

We are eager to lend you our helping hand.

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  • Qualify for Loan Forgiveness
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Stop Wage Garnishment
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